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Tennis Programs Adults & Children of all ages and ability levels come to MLAC’s tennis program to experience the intense and demanding clinics throughout the year. We offer daily clinics and packages that will teach you a series of imaginative drills. You will get stronger, play longer and learn how to react instinctively to the ball while training in our tennis program. Our top caliber coaches will use their vast experience and knowledge of the game to show you tips for technique, tactics and strategy on court. Using your own [...]


For information on Badminton contact 305-820-8025

Youth Sports

YOUTH SPORTS Miami Lakes Athletic Club is known for offering a variety of youth programs in a family oriented atmosphere in both and indoor and outdoor setting. The programs we offer encourages our kids to learn, grow, play, and have fun as they develop their abilities while participating in a well-organized and supervised group. Here at Miami Lakes Athletic Club we pride ourselves in having year round programs which allows participants to stay active and involved.Youth sports offers opportunities to play in leagues throughout the year. Because programs are so [...]